Sheila C Hendrix

Nature Artist

If you would like more information on my art or are interested in purchasing Giclee prints, please Contact Me .
 I currently offer Giclee prints in the following sizes:
5"x7" print in an 8"x10"  mat   
8"x10" print in an 11"x14"  mat 
9"x12" print in a 12"x16"  mat   

Square prints are 5"x5" in an 8"x8" mat
I sign and title each print individually. 
Thank you for visiting my site!

  1. Little Boy Blue
    Little Boy Blue
  2. Above The Mist
    Above The Mist
  3. Over The Moon
    Over The Moon
  4. A Lucky Find
    A Lucky Find
  5. The One That Got Away
    The One That Got Away
  1. At Home in the Pines
    At Home in the Pines
  2. A Special Time
    A Special Time
  3. Waiting For Sophia
    Waiting For Sophia
  4. A Taste of Summer
    A Taste of Summer
  5. A Taste of Spring
    A Taste of Spring
  6. Building Dreams
    Building Dreams
  7. Apple Of My Eye
    Apple Of My Eye
  8. Winter Abundance
    Winter Abundance
  9. Made in the Shade
    Made in the Shade
  10. Gone Fishing
    Gone Fishing
  11. The Garden Gem
    The Garden Gem
  12. The Garden Jewel
    The Garden Jewel
  13. A Taste of Fall
    A Taste of Fall
  14. Blissful Morning
    Blissful Morning
  15. Hidden Jewel
    Hidden Jewel
  16. Home Away From Home
    Home Away From Home
  17. The Clever One
    The Clever One
  1. A New Beginning
    A New Beginning
  2. A Sweet Spot
    A Sweet Spot
  3. A Table For Two
    A Table For Two
  4. The Quiet One
    The Quiet One
  5. Finding Hidden Treasure
    Finding Hidden Treasure
  6. Four Eyes
    Four Eyes
  7. Appalachian Spring
    Appalachian Spring
  8. Spring's Promise
    Spring's Promise
  9. Batter Up!
    Batter Up!
  10. Clear the Runway
    Clear the Runway
  1. Easter Sunday
    Easter Sunday
  2. Summer Salad
    Summer Salad
  3. Soft Landing
    Soft Landing
  4. Worth the Wait
    Worth the Wait
  5. Seize the Moment
    Seize the Moment
  6. Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams
  1. Staking The Claim
    Staking The Claim
  2. The Early Riser
    The Early Riser

A Jekyll Sunset